Bring on the Summer……………

Velka Praise!

After 4 years of exceptional service, old Nellie (as she became affectionately known) has had to be put to pasture. Nellie carried the majority of the groceries for our family over that time through snow, sleet, rain and dog poo. She never complained even though she was held together by duct tape, string and glue.

As God’s timing is always perfect, the day after Nellie was retired we were finally able to purchase a van for our family and ministries. It is still quite difficult to believe that we have lived in this city this long with only the use of public transportation. We are extremely grateful for those who made purchasing this van possible (as a new VW van can cost in excess of $50,000). We are now the proud owners of a 2007 Opel Vivaro 9-passenger van.

We purchased ‘velka bila’ (big white) from another American family with 6 children who have recently been called back to the states by their employer. Velka bila has a huge scratch down the passenger side, a missing plastic panel on the passenger door, rubber floors and a few extra crumbs compliments of the previous owners. A perfect vehicle for our family. Shopping is now a once a week chore instead of daily one and we are looking forward to a family vacation that we can travel to in our van together. A big (velka) praise for the van. It is a definite answer to prayer.

Red, White and Blue

    My older sister is in town visiting us for a couple of weeks and one of her desires was to see the US Womens’ Soccer team play in the World Cup in Germany. We were able to get two tickets to see the US play North Korea in Dresden (a couple of hours away). Now I am in no way a major soccer fan and know very little if anything about the US womens’ team, but I was looking forward to the trip and spending time with Dana. I was completely taken back by what happened at the game. No, not the fact that the US won (as well they should have), but I was totally taken back by the affect singing the national anthem had on me.

    Sad to say, I can’t remember the last time I sang the national anthem and saw Old Glory on public display at such an event (the last time was probably a Texas Ranger game sometime last year). A wave of patriotism and pride seemed to unexpectedly overtake me. I am proud of my heritage, but singing that song on foreign soil amongst a crowd of people who may never know such freedoms as we possess was such a sudden rush of intense appreciation and inspiration. It is so hard to adequately describe. Of course, much of my nationalistic pride lessened once the American import, the Wave started.

    Prayer Requests

      CISP – We are having a hectic and busy summer after graduating our largest senior class, 10. We are still in desperate need of our own building. We just agreed to rent another flat for high school classrooms next year. Currently, our elementary classes meet in the Perunova Czech building, our middle school meets in that building as well. The challenge is our high school and business office. Our high school now meets in two separate flats in the same apartment complex three blocks from the main campus and they come to the main building for art, science, PE and computer classes. Our business office is in a separate building a couple of blocks from our main campus. Our administrative team has taken over half of the skolka flat (a skolka is a janitor/maintenance man that lives in the school) to use as offices. Needless to say, the arrangement is less than ideal. We would appreciate all prayers on behalf of this need.
      Upward Sports – We are in the planning process of our 3rd basketball season and need coaches, refs and supplies. We are also beginning to coordinate our basketball camp(s) for next summer and we are always looking for church groups or individuals who would like to come over and help out. It is a great blessing to our kids and we are always proud to show off our beautiful city.
      Band of Brothers – Our Saturday morning mens group continues to grow both in number and commitment. We have a great group of men who are dedicated to making an impact on our families, communities and world. Pray that we will stay strong and make a bold statement for the gospel in this culture.
      Chumbley Family – We are going to enjoy a short vacation in Austria this August. This will give us a chance to visit friends in Graz, Austria and do a little historical discovery as well. We are excited about taking this time together as a family.
      It has been a very busy school year and we pray that all of our staff will be granted visas and be here on time as this will alleviate a lot of stress and strain on our staff and their families. Our family included. It is our desire to spend more time together as a family this coming school year and we ask that you join us in this prayer.
      Thanks for your continued love and support. We thank God for you daily.
      The Chumbleys

Spring 2011 Update

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Christian International School of Prague:
1. We continue to work on the process of US accreditation through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). This involves lots of paperwork, committees and time. We are scheduled for our onsite review during the spring of 2012. We ask that you pray for our staff, school board and families as additional hours and energy are spent on this needed process.
We are also seeking recognition from the Ministry of Education for the Czech Republic. Our original application, two years ago, was denied for reasons not given. We are still seeking the guidance from the government on what requirements we need to fulfill to meet their expectations. It is a difficult road, one filled with contradicting information and many unknowns. This is important for our Czech families and those families who have long-term visas. Those families must attend a school recognized by the Ministry of Education and at the moment they are attending in violation of the law. Please pray that we will find favor with the government and obtain our recognition through them.
2. There has also been great difficulty in obtaining or visas to live and work in the Czech Republic. The government went through massive changes in January of this year and one of those changes involves what department now handles visa applications. The change has wreaked havoc with many of us who are living here on temporary visas. Our 2nd grade teacher’s visa was denied (again for reasons not sufficiently explained) and she had to return to the US and start the process over. So please pray for Janna L. as she spends the next few weeks or months in the states going through the whole visa process. Our music teacher is also awaiting the word on her visa application and had to leave the country until the process was completed. She has not heard anything for several months and is awaiting word in Romania on when she can return to Prague. So please pray for Rachel G. and a speedy return to CISP. Our first grade teacher has been experiencing unbearable back pain and has had to leave the classroom and has been hospitalized for several weeks. Her name is Simona (she is Czech and has been a great asset to our staff) and we desperately miss her and the others listed above. As with most international Christian schools we were short-handed when the year began. Needless to say, this has put a great strain our current staff and the amount of work and hours committed to serving our special group of students. Pray for healing for Simona and perseverance and encouragement for our staff as this has been an exceptionally hard semester on us. Many of us are frazzled and near burn out and definitely need a prayer army to battle the desires of the enemy as he has time after time attacked our school, staff and students.
3. As I said earlier, we are always in need of dedicated Christian teachers to serve at CISP. We ask for a two-year commitment from all prospective teachers and believe me when I tell you that you will be blessed far beyond any expectations. I would certainly love to talk to you about teaching at CISP next year and for many years to come. Please contact me at and I will be happy to answer any questions and give you an idea of what it means to work with TCKs (Third Culture Kids). We are in particular need of elementary teachers and NILD educational therapists. I don’t have enough room to go into how the NILD program has blessed so many students and families, but suffice it to say that the NLD program has a VERY long waiting list for students to get into it. It is so important to us that we are willing to pay someone to go through the program if they will commit to work at CISP for a couple of years. To learn more about the NILD program contact me or follow this link Please prayerfully consider being a part of CISP or passing along the information to a Christian educator looking to change the world one student at a time. We are thankful that we do have several raising support now and plan to join us next fall. We look forward to meeting our new teachers and seeing the Lord use them in a unique and special way.
4. We do work with some of the greatest kids in the world, literally. We have 97 students from 24 countries and everyday is different than the day before. With such diversity and change we deal with many issues that some students who have been born and raised in the same town or even the same country will never have to deal with. Our kids grow up away from their families in a country that does not feel like home, they may not speak the language and seldom fit in to most social circles. Many of them have the additional pressure of being missionary kids and that adds a whole new level of expectations. We have dealt with eating disorders over the past two years, students who are cutting and students dealing with severe depression and isolation. Please pray for our staff as we help our kids deal with hard, real life issues and making good choices.
5. I may sound like a broken record, but we need our own building! We have completely outgrown our current location. We have converted two basement storage closets into classrooms, we have rented to additional apartments to have classes and we still are short on space. I teach in a classroom that doubles as our lunchroom and the cafeteria staff laundry room. Several classes I have battled speaking over the washing machine or dodging drying towels and aprons hanging from a rope pulled across the room, quite an experience. We already have two classes full for next year and it looks like we will be turning away more families as we are out of space. Please pray for a building of our own so that we may be a radiating center of the gospel in a region that is crying out to find truth and hope.

Upward Sports – Czech Republic:
1. We just completed our second season of Upward Sports basketball and had an incredible year. We had around 70 participants and many volunteers that made it all happen. Thanks to many of you who supported the league with financial help and prayers. We were overwhelmed and now truly understand the need of something like Upward Sports here in the Czech Republic. We see unlimited growth potential and an opportunity for hundreds, if not thousands to hear and see the gospel lived out. We are truly looking forward to the upcoming basketball season and plans are already underway to make it a bigger and better season. Please pray for continued financial support for Upward Sports and dedicated volunteers to help again this year
2. Unfortunately we are not able to hold our annual basketball camp this summer due to a variety of reasons. Several of the groups who had shown interest in coming to Prague and running the camp were unable to come this year, primarily due to financial reasons. We are also very dependent on the groups coming over to bring the necessary supplies for the camp and the upcoming league. It is much cheaper to pay for additional luggage than to have all the equipment mailed over. Please pray for a group willing to come next year and be salt and light to the kids of the Czech Republic. We will also need some people coming over this summer to bring an additional suitcase if possible for the 2011 fall basketball league. Please let me know if have anyone willing to bring an additional suitcase to Prague this summer.
3. With the growth of Upward Sports and CISP, I am busier than I have ever been. I am looking for someone who is willing to come over for a year or two and willing to serve as an intern. I don’t have a specific job description, but it would involve being my shadow and helping me get and stay organized each day. I am very project oriented and not very detail oriented and I need someone willing to fill that gap. Someone who has a passion for the gospel, working with kids, sports and someone not afraid to be ridiculed or belittled for being a Christ follower. Someone who may sense a calling to serving overseas and maybe even in the international school arena. Please contact me if you know someone who is willing to take a year from school, maybe a recent graduate or someone just wanting to make a difference. There is no salary, but we can sure help with budget plans, housing, transportation, etc from this side.

Chumbley Family:
1. I realize that I will probably be in trouble for listing our family last, but here goes. We were blessed to have my mother here for a couple of weeks recently and had a great visit. I enjoy being the travel guide and showing off our beautiful city. It really is a beautiful city, but a city filled with lost people desperately searching for hope and love.
Robin is ever the wife, mom, homemaker, teacher, hostess and wearer of many other hats. She continues to homeschool all but Camden. She is never bored and seldom rested, but has a love that is deeply rooted and a joy ready to share. She is amazing. Please pray for continued strength, endurance and energy as we get closer to summer break.
Camden is in 7th grade at CISP and is beginning to get into the groove of attending school with others his age. It took him a while to make that transition, but his grades are good (except Czech and I completely understand those struggles) and he enjoys being a part of the school. He just turned 14 this week and I have a hard time believing that he is that old. Please pray that Camden will continue to develop a character that refuses to fall into what everybody else is doing and that he will affix his feet firmly on the Rock.
Jared is our resident musician extraordinaire. He loves to play the guitar and would love to learn as many instruments as possible. He is also teaching himself German and is doing much better at it than I am doing at Czech. He will turn 12 this June and will be one year from teenager land. I don’t think I am ready. Please pray that Jared will continue to develop a confidence in the gifts the Lord has given him and that he will use those gifts in a special way.
Easton (9) is becoming the athlete in the family and is always being moved up to play in the older group in basketball, baseball or whatever sport he competes in. He loves to spend time with friends and play games. Easton is learning to play the violin. Please pray that Easton will develop a sense of integrity and honesty that will be the foundation of his apparent leadership skills.
Payton (7) is our bundle of energy. It is hard to believe that this time 4 years ago he was being diagnosed with bone cancer. He is always looking for tape, boxes, paper towel tubes, sticks; you name it to build his latest creation. He is constantly surrounded with legos and other building material. Please pray for continued health for Payton and that his difficult road in the past will bring others to know the Lord.
Marek (5) is the quiet one, well most of the time. He will sit at his little desk and draw, cut and glue for hours. He has an incredibly creative mind and continues to amaze me with his artistic prowess. He is always making cards or gifts for friends, families and sometimes strangers. Please pray that Marek will continue to develop a sense of selflessness that will spread to all he comes in contact with.
Last but certainly not least, Landry (3), the only pink tutu wearer in the family. Landry has 6 arms and hands, she is into everything. If anything is missing we instantly call out – Landry! She has that smile just melts your heart and lets her get away with far too much. She keeps her big brothers on their toes and she admires them very much. Please pray that Landry develops a faith and knowledge of Christ that is her own.

Thanks for your time and prayers. We truly appreciate you all

Winter Update

Praises –

    We have started our second year of Upward Sports – Czech Republic basketball. We had 38 participants last year, mostly from missionary families and other believers, but this year we had 70 kids show up to play! We were literally overwhelmed. We were short on equipment, coaches, space, etc. We got most of the issues resolved and have completed 6 of our 8 weeks and have seen the gospel presented to kids who have never had the opportunity before. It has been a difficult season, but one filled with blessings we never expected. Thanks for your continued prayers on behalf of the kids involved in Upward Sports – Czech Republic. We also have a new Facebook page: Upward Sports – Czech Republic, if you want to keep up with our league and see some current pictures of the kids.

    Payton had his 4-month scans in January and we continue to give great thanks that he has been cancer free for 3 years now!

    We have lots of new staff and teachers at CISP this year and for the first time we are close to being fully staffed.

    We also have hired a new IT (computer teacher) for next year which will free me up to devote more time to administrative duties at the school.

    Band of Brothers, our Saturday morning mens’ group, continues to grow in number and commitment. It has truly been a blessing to me.

    Camden, 13, is our only full-time student at CISP and is adapting well to the new environment. He loves his Bible class, is learning to play the bass guitar and is actively involved in Youth Praha (youth group). Jared, 11, is still a homeschool student and loves to play the guitar, build things and dream of new ways to make things better. Easton, 9, is also a homeschool student, plays the violin, and loves sports and collecting Lego figures. Payton, 7, is also homeschooled and loves to be very creative and build things will Legos all day long. Marek, 5, will soon be starting homeschool. He loves to draw, paint and play with Play-doh, but hates to wear pants. Landry, 3, runs the house and is constantly hiding everything she can find so that we can no longer find it. She loves to sing and dance and she can definitely hold her own with her 5 brothers. Our house is seldom quiet and that is just the way we like it.

    Prayer Requests –

We are still looking for a church group or other Upward group that would be willing to come to Prague in late June and run an Upward Sports Basketball camp. We need around 8-12 people to travel to Prague during the week of June 20th to run the camp. The cost is roughly $2,000.00 per person and that should include everything. Please contact me if you would like to be a part of the camp or if your group would like to come run the camp during that week.

We are still seeking churches that are willing to partner with our league and help offset some of the cost of gym rental and the expense of having equipment shipped to us from the states. Please contact me if you wish to become a partner with Upward Sports – Czech Republic.

We (CISP) are still in desperate need of our own building. We should hear some news this month about our future in the building we are in. Please pray for provision for our school and its need for a building to grow in.

As stated before, the Upward Sports league is growing at a rapid rate. It would be a great help to have an Upward intern come and help for a year or two. Please pray that the right person would be found and raise the support needed to move to Prague for a year or two to help develop the league and help start a national program for the Czech churches to manage.

Pray for protection for our family. It is a very busy season and there is much to do. Please pray that we, me in particular, will manage time and not ignore the need for our family to spend time together.

We are also still shopping for an adequate van for our family and ministries to use. Pray that a reliable van will be found soon.

We have several openings for teachers at CISP next year and a definite need for teachers willing to work in the special education department. Please contact me for more information.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

More specific details……………..

Several have asked what our specific needs are and what they can do while we are in the states to help. So, to be more specific I have listed our needs for the next couple of years in priority order and then some ways (by no means a comprehensive list) that you can help us reach those goals:

1. We are currently around $1,500.00 below our needed monthly budget. These funds cover food, public transportation/fuel costs, insurance, utilities, household supplies and ministry costs.

2. We have survived the last three years in Prague without a family vehicle. It would greatly benefit our family and ministry if we were able to purchase a $12,000 to $15,000 nine passenger van. It would save countless hours of shopping for 8, trips to church and be useful for transport ministry teams that come to Prague to help at the school, with Upward Sports, etc.

3. Upward Sports – Czech Republic, is also in need of churches or other Upward Sports programs to adopt a player/team for the upcoming basketball season and camp. We are planning to expand our league in the coming year, but have limitations due to facilities and shipping costs. The Upward Sports ministry has been greatly received in Prague and we see a definite need to grow the ministry. Our biggest barrier is a facility. The school building we currently share does not have adequate facilities to host a league or camp so we must rent a facility to use at a general rate of $50 to $75 per hour. That increases our expenses around $2,000.00 for the league and $500.00 for the camp. We also have additional shipping expenses to have Upward supplies sent to the Czech Republic.

• You can help by being a financial partner with our family. We need $25, $50 and $100 a month partners to help us fill our monthly budget shortfall. You can be a part of this ministry by following the link to our sending agency, WorldVenture, (all donations to WorldVenture are tax deductible): Support the Chumbley Family
• You may also send any funds to provide a vehicle through the same site, just denote VEHICLE in the memo portion at the bottom of the donate page.
• We are in the states for two months and most of our Sundays are booked speaking at churches throughout Texas, but we have most weekdays and Saturdays free. If you have a small group, bible study, or other group that gets together regularly, we would love the opportunity to share with them about the Czech Republic – its history, people, current events and how the gospel is desperately needed.
• Another tool that you could use to help us present the needs of the people in the Czech Republic and the needs of our family is by hosting a meal, dessert, coffee, etc and invite some friends over and allow us the opportunity to share with them about life and ministry in central Europe. We would relish this opportunity to make personal contacts.
• As stated earlier, we need churches and other Upward Sports leagues to adopt our league and offset some of the costs associated with Upward Sports. The biggest hindrance to having more young people involved in Upward Sports ministries is the cost. You can make any donations to Upward Sports – Czech Republic by following this link: Support Upward Sports – Czech Republic

Thanks again for all your prayer and financial support. We hope to see each of you this summer!

Please feel free to contact us at or 817-357-2525

Summer in the States

2010 Upward Sports Basketball Camp - Prague

Our family is back together again for the summer in Texas. We will be here raising prayer and financial support until September 6th. We have most Sundays booked, speaking at area churches and small groups about our ministry in the Czech Republic. We still have many weekdays and evenings available to speak to other small groups or bible studies. If you would like for us to speak to your group, please contact us at


• Our second annual Upward Sports basketball camp was a great success. The group from Paramount Baptist Church in Amarillo ran the camp and did a great job. We had about 25 kids at camp and look forward to our upcoming basketball league this winter and expanding our camps next summer.
• Easton and Payton will both be baptized this Sunday (July 11th) and we celebrate with them in this decision to follow our Creator.
• We have several teachers who are also raising financial support to serve at CISP for the next few years and several of them have reached their target amount and will be joining us this fall.
• CISP continues to grow and provide a quality Christian education in a country that desperately needs to hear the gospel.

Prayer Requests:

    • I (Terry) will be starting a new position at CISP next year – principal. This is not only a new position for me, but a new position created at CISP. The director at CISP has been wearing both hats, but will now be the director and I will take on some of the tasks as principal. Please pray for a smooth transition and clarity of purpose.
    • We will continue to host student teachers in our home this year. We have several college students who do their student teaching duties at CISP and we have had the privilege of housing some of them in the past. This year we will have two (one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester) who will live with us while working on their teaching abilities. Please pray for Robin as she mentors these young girls and encourage them during this stressful time.
    • The new building contract we had secured for CISP to move in to has fallen through. There are many reasons, but the end result is that we will stay in the building we currently share with a Czech elementary school. We are thankful that we still have the use of the building, but this does limit our ability to grow and we will ultimately have to turn families away from enrollment due to class size limits. Please pray for a building for CISP use in the future.
    • Payton has his 4 month tests this week (July 8th). Please pray for clear tests and that our insurance will pay for these tests.
    • Please pray that we raise the necessary support to return to Prague on our scheduled date of September 6th.
    • Please pray that our visas will be processed and ready when we return to the Czech Republic.
    • Please pray for those who are raising support to join us at CISP for the coming school term. We have many that are close to reaching their goal, but need a late push to get there by the beginning of school.

    Thanks for your continued supports and prayers.

Fount of Many Blessings………….

I should have titled this post as “The Fast and the Furious,” not in tribute to that fine actor Vin Diesel, but in regard to how our last 2-3 months have been. I hope to give you a short summary of those months and share our specific prayer requests as well. So here goes………………..

• Payton’s last set of tests still show him to be cancer free. That is great news for us as it has now been two years since his last round of chemo. We realize that there still may be a long road ahead as the long-term side effects of chemo are still uncertain. The physicians here in Prague had some concern about the smallish size of his heart and the level of protein in his urine samples, but they see no signs of cancer and we lift many praises for that good news.
• As most of you know, we (CISP) have outgrown our existing space in the Czech elementary school that we share. We have been in search for our own building for a couple of years and those prayers seem to have been answered. We are in negotiations to rent a building that was the Czech equivalent of high school. It was built in the 1960s and is a lovely shade of Communist green (imagine the 1970s avocado colored refrigerators covered in soot and graffiti). It meets all the criteria we desired for the growth and ministry of the Christian International School of Prague. We are thankful for this provision and ask that you continue to pray for smooth negotiations so that we will be able to begin moving in June.
• I have also been asked and have accepted the position as principal at CISP for the coming school year. I will continue to teach some computer, personal finance and leadership classes, but we have a new history teacher coming next year which will free me up for administrative duties. Please continue to pray for the growing list of teachers raising support to join the staff at CISP.
• We had a great inaugural Upward Sports Basketball League this year and look forward to our second Upward Sports Basketball Camp this June. There is a group coming from Paramount Baptist Church in Amarillo to run the camp this year. They are bringing around 10 in there group and have room for more. If you have any interest in joining them and working the camp in Prague from June 21-25, please contact me at Please pray for safe travel for the group and that their time in Prague will impact many for the Kingdom.
• Continue to pray for our men’s group, Band of Brothers, which meets on Saturday mornings. Please pray specifically for a young man from Nigeria who has left his family back in Nigeria while he pursues his education Prague. It has been and will be very difficult for him to be separated from his wife and two children for an extended period of time. Our group continues to grow and develop a bond of accountability and support that we sought when we started the group.
• On the subject of separation, Robin and the kids are safe in Cleburne, Texas while I type this update sitting alone at a dining table for 8. They have only been gone for two days, but I miss them an unbelievable amount! I fly to the States after our basketball camp and I look forward to the noise and rowdiness once again. I fly in On June 30th and would love to put your church, small group, Sunday school class, etc. on our calendar. We are seeking opportunities to share the vision of the ministry in Prague with any group who would like to see how the Lord is working in Central Europe and what life is like living in a former communist country. Please let me know if you would like us to come speak to your church or group at
• Please pray for our visas again. It is time again to get permission from the Czech Republic for this American family to live here for another year. It is quite an ordeal to get that permission. Lots of paperwork, lots of lines and lots of money.
• Please pray for our support for the coming years as well. We have committed to another two year term and continue to pursue a career commitment to serve wherever the Lord wants us. We will be in the States this summer to raise prayer and financial support for our family and the ministry we have been blessed to be a part of in Prague.

Thanks again for loving on our family and supporting us in many ways. We are truly blessed.

Let the sun shine in……………………

I never realized how much I truly enjoy the sunshine and the sight of green grass. The temperatures have finally climbed above freezing, most of the snow has melted, the sidewalks are being cleaned and Landry wanted me to turn off the light in her room at nap time. Little did she know the light was off, that bright thing that she was unfamiliar with was the sun. Oh how we look forward to spring and not having to find 6 pair of winter gloves every trip out of the house.
Life is still fast and furious and we are trying to juggle (probably way too much) many things at once, so let me get to the prayer requests and praises:

• Payton was scheduled for his two year scans in late February but came down with a virus (which we have shared as a family) and was not able to have them done. They have been rescheduled for March 22nd and would appreciate many prayers as that date approaches. We pray for clear scans and calm spirits as we get near the day. We just recently learned that a young man named Spencer, who also has Ewing’s Sarcoma, has relapsed and will have radical surgery soon to remove his right eye and a large margin area around it. Please remember the Shores family as they have dealt with very difficult circumstances and now have a new battle in the war.
B&W 1
• Our inaugural Upward Sports Basketball league is halfway through the season and we have had a great time and hope to use it as a springboard to have several leagues in the future. We have 40 kids participating (most of them are children of missionaries) and have learned a lot about running a league in a foreign country. There have been many hurdles to jump (and repairs to pay, as one of our portable goals fell over and scratched the brand new gym floor severely) and constant small fires to extinguish, but it has been a total success to this point. Each of these kids is hearing and seeing the gospel presented at each practice and game. We have a great group of volunteers and are always looking for prayer partners and financial partners for Upward Sports – Czech Republic. (Any financial support for Upward Sports can be sent through WorldVenture via the link on the left column.)
B&W 2
• The Christian International School of Prague is enjoying its 5th season of existence and continues to meet an ever-growing need of quality, Christian, English speaking education. We are growing and in desperate need of our own building. We currently share a building with a Czech elementary school, but have maxed out the space they will allow us to use. We even have 2 classrooms in the basement, where prior to this year, furniture was stored from the Communist era. We have placed a bid on a building that would ideally meet the needs for CISP, it would also meet the needs of Upward Sports – Czech Republic as it has two gyms that could be utilized when we need it, not around someone else’s schedule. CISP has dedicated today (Feb. 25) to pray for the building needs and specifically that our bid on the new building would find favor with the city magistrate. We are also directing our prayers to those who are in the process of raising support to join the staff at CISP. Please join us as we pray for adequate space and staff to continue to spread the gospel in Prague and ultimately the world.
• Robin and the kids will be flying back to the states on May 13th (I will stay until June 30th after school and our summer Upward Sports Basketball camp(s) are over) as we begin a two month stay in Texas to begin prayer and support raising for another two-year commitment to serve at the Christian International School of Prague. (If you wish to be part of our financial supporters, click on the link to the left labeled Support the Chumbley Family.) We would cherish the opportunity to speak to your church, Sunday school class, small group, evening service, bible study, AWANA, RAs, GAs, etc., about what the Lord is doing in Central Europe. No group is too small or too far away (see next prayer request about that) for us to speak to. We are basically available from early July to early September and would love to visit you during our tour. Please email me at
• We are also in need of transportation while in the states. There are 8 of us so our needs are fairly specific, but if you have an extra 12 passenger van in the yard with weeds growing around it or know someone who does – we would really appreciate any help with this need.

As always, thanks for your prayers, support and keeping up with the Chumbley family. We miss you all and look forward to seeing this coming summer!

Serving in 2010 and looking forward to new opportunities:

Upward Sports Basketball Logo

Upward Sports Basketball Logo

What an incredible and fast 2009! We have been blessed to be a part of the exciting growth of CISP and look forward to more challenges and changes in 2010. We are fortunate to work with the greatest students and staff in the world. We also look forward to new ventures in 2010 and want to let you know how you can be a part of the ministries in central Europe, particularly in Prague.
• We are in the process of committing to another two year term to serve at CISP. We honestly can’t see ourselves doing anything else and we thoroughly enjoy the call to serve in the Czech Republic. While it does have its challenges we are privileged to be here. With that being said, we will be returning to the states in July to secure prayer and financial support for another two year term. We are currently running at a fairly significant deficit for our personal monthly and ministry funds and encourage you to prayerfully consider joining our prayer/financial partners in the ministry in the Czech Republic. There is a link on the left column labeled “Support the Chumbley Family though WorldVenture” that link will take you to a donation page at our sending agency’s website. Click on the down arrow at Give to Missionaries and drag down to our names, Terry and Robin Chumbley , you can make a tax-deductible one-time donation or a monthly commitment to support our family in Prague.
• As I stated earlier, we will be returning to the states in the summer of 2010 to raise support for another two year term in the Czech Republic. We are also in need of funds to purchase tickets to return to the states. Those funds were raised prior to our initial departure to Prague, but were used up (and then some) when we returned to the states for Payton’s cancer treatment and then all other funds were used to purchase tickets to return to Prague in 2008. Please pray that we will be able to raise the necessary support soon to purchase those tickets early in 2010, so that we can make housing and transportation arrangements while in the states. If you wish to help in the purchase of tickets, you can donate funds using the same method as described above.
• We are also very excited about the upcoming Upward Sports basketball league ( that begins in January. This is an incredible opportunity to share the gospel with the children in Prague. Our league will begin in late January and run until mid-March. We have lots still to do and need as much prayer support as possible. We are also still in need of several tangible items. If your league or church would be interested in helping with these items we would be greatly appreciative:
 It will cost each participant about $40-45 to play basketball this year and many of our MKs and Czech kids will have difficulty affording this. We need several people/groups to sponsor an athlete or several athletes if possible.
 Colored wristbands to match-up players during the game
 Extra coach’s manuals
 Flipchart score boards
 Referee shirts
 Extra coaching shirts
 Extra whistles
 We still need around $600.00 for one more portable, adjustable basketball goal.
 Last, but certainly not least, many committed warriors to form a prayer committee to pray for the kids and adults who will participate in the first ever Upward Basketball League of the Czech Republic.

Please feel free to contact me if you can help us out with any of the above items or financing for them and I will be HAPPY to talk to you.
Phone: 1-817-506-0374 (7 hours ahead of central time)
Skype: chumbley
You may also make a financial donation through WorldVenture, as we have a special tax -deductible account setup for Upward Sports-Czech Republic. Just select our names again in the missionaries’ portion of the form and drag down to Czech Republic-Upward in the Give to Projects section and follow the directions all the way through.

• We will also be hosting our second summer of Upward basketball camps from June 21-25 and have several groups flying over to help with the camps. Yes, I said camps. Thanks to the generosity and prayers of many, we will need to host two separate camps this summer as we have already outgrown our normal camp location. Consider coming and being a part of the basketball camp and see what it’s like serving and sharing the gospel in one of the most beautiful and atheistic cities in the world.

We are truly excited about what the Lord has in store for CISP, Upward Sports Ministry, the Chumbley Family and the people of Prague for the coming year. We thank you for your prayers, financial support and encouragement in 2009 and look forward to working with you in 2010.

Blessings – from the Chumbley clan

Busy Fall

We have had a very busy fall. Let me give you a short recap. We organized a Fall Men’s Winter Retreat in early November and were blessed to have David denHartog of Cleburne Bible Church fly over and lead our men’s retreat and Beth, David’s wife, was gracious enough to speak at our elementary school chapel. Those of us who attended the retreat were profoundly blessed and we can’t thank David and Beth enough for their time and commitment of service.

Fall 2009 ICP Men's Retreat

Fall 2009 ICP Men's Retreat

Our family was also surprised with a couple of boxes from two special church families in Texas. We want to send a big “Thank You” to FBC-Alvarado for the pictures they sent to us:



and also to FBC-Friendswood for their package of goodies. We truly appreciate you thinking of us and our kids, they were incredibly surprised.



The four oldest boys also had the privilege of participating in the International Church of Prague’s childrens Christmas Program performed at Old Town Square in downtown Prague in early December. Many hours were put into this program and we appreciate all the work of the kids and the adults that made this possible. Many heard the Christmas story and were invited to a Christmas Eve service at ICP where they can hear more about the living Lord.

ICP Children's Christmas Program - Payton as Moses

ICP Children's Christmas Program - Payton as Moses

I have much more to share, but will wait for another post at a later date. Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!
The Chumbleys

Under Construction

Family 2009We have been looking for some way to consolidate our updates, photos, prayer requests, videos, etc., for sometime and have finally found a place we pray will allow our prayer and financial supporters to keep up with our family and see what is happening in Central Europe. We are still new to this and hope to add some additional links and other features that will make it much more effective. We welcome any suggestions, comments or notes. Thanks

Prayer Requests:

1. Mens’ Retreat – The International Church of Prague and our small men’s group, Band of Brothers is hosting a men’s retreat from November 6th and 7th on the outskirts of Prague. Please pray for our retreat speaker, David denHartog and his wife Beth, as they travel to Prague to lead our group and visit our city and family. Pray that more men will make the commitment to dedicate this 24 hours to get away, fellowship with one another and draw closer or meet the living Savior. We ask for lives to be changed and families strengthened through this time together.

2. Upward Basketball League – We are continuing to get locations, equipment and finances together for our winter Upward basketball league. Pray for additional funding to purchase 2-4 portable goals, adequate coaching and officials and dedicated prayer warriors for our league.

3. Christian International School of Prague – We are still in need of staff for next year and additional space. We continue to grow and have needs for more teachers at all levels. We are also in negotiations with a new building about the possibility of moving in next year. We are very excited about this possibility!

4. Chumbley Family – We ask that you continue to pray for our families’ health, finances and future as we serve in Central Europe.