Spring 2012

    Chumbley Family

I am looking forward to seeing the faces of our family when we fly into Dallas this fall. It will have been over two years since many of our family have seen us. I’m sure the kids have grown (and unfortunately so have I, European chocolate is a tough habit to break) where they may even be unrecognizable to some of our family. Camden is now 15 and has probably changed the most in the last 2 years. He continues to play the bass guitar at Youth Praha and at the International Church of Prague. He loves music and has inherited a love for 80’s southern rock music. Jared will be 13 in a couple of weeks. Two teenagers under the same roof (of course in 4 years we will have 4 teenagers in the house). There is no way that Robin and I are old enough to have 2 teenagers in the house. Jared plays acoustic and electric guitar and his first is concert before his birthday. He is very talented, but not real excited about playing in front of people yet. I hope this concert will change that fear. Easton will be 11 the day after Jared turns 13. Easton plays the violin, but his passion is sports (I have no idea where that comes from), any sport. He plays basketball and baseball, but really wants to play rugby and floorball. He is truly enjoying school at CISP and will miss his mates next year. Payton is 8 and doing well. He received a small ’kiddy’ drum set for Christmas and has been taking lessons for a couple of months now. We recently attended a church retreat that has a talent show on the last night. Payton wanted to play drums and we somewhat reluctantly said yes. It was an electric drum kit, setup for an adult and we weren’t sure if he would have any idea what to do. He went last and you would have thought he was Ringo Starr (sorry for the dated reference, but I don’t know any current drummers). He played the drum set like he was born attached to it. It was amazing! The place went crazy and no one was more surprised than Robin and me. Marek is 6 and heavily involved in drawing and ‘ciphering’, as Jethro Bodine would say. (Again, sorry for the dated reference, but I am old) He spends most of his day drawing pictures, playing with Legos or trying to solve math equations. He loves to draw maps and super heroes. He is the quiet one of the family, or should I say quietest, since none of us are very quiet. Landry is 4 and she is definitely not the quiet one. She is the boss and if you don’t believe it just ask her. I’ve never seen a little girl get up in the morning, fix her hair, put on a dress, put on her lipstick (lip gloss) and then go outside and hunt snails with the boys. She is the girliest tomboy I have ever seen. She loves hair clips, makeup, dresses, shoes and wrestling in the mud. She definitely keeps us all on our toes.
Robin and I enjoy being the parents of 6 very different and unique kids. Robin spends most of her time running a house of 8, which is sometimes a house of 9, 10 or 12. We have had a student teacher live with us again this year and various other travelers stay with us during their time in Prague. We still host a Thursday night dinner for the single guys that work at CISP or are involved at the International Church of Prague. I am the principal at CISP and part-time acting director as our director has been gone most of this semester, we are the directors of Upward Sports – Czech Republic and I lead a men’s group called Band of Brothers each Saturday morning . I would never label our lives slow, but we are continually blessed!

• Prayer Requests –
-Payton and I will traveling to the hospital this Monday (21st) for his 6 month scans (MRI, x-rays, sonogram, blood work, urinalysis and examination). Please pray for a smooth day as we travel the maze of the Czech hospital and that all tests will show NED. We just passed the 4 year mark. Hallelujah!
- We will be traveling back to Texas on September 17th. Please pray for funding to complete payment for our airline tickets. We still need 4 of us to be sponsored at around $1,000.00 each to pay for our tickets. Pray that our time will be fruitful in the states as we share what Christ is doing in the Czech Republic and as we go through the process of becoming full-time missionaries through WorldVenture. We will need additional training, additional prayer warriors and additional financial support for the transition.
-We ask for prayers as we transition back to the states. Some of our kids don’t remember the USA and most of them see Prague as home, so the transition will create challenges in their already challenging lives. The life of a TCK (Third Culture Kid) is anything but normal and calm.
-We will be in the states from 6-9 months and would love the opportunity to speak to your church, Sunday school class, AWANA group, small group, etc. We are privileged to do what we do and we love to share the vision that God has given us.

    Christian International School of Prague

CISP is completing its 8th year in existence. Eight years of transforming lives for the kingdom. We have seen several students come to know the Lord this year and there is no greater joy in my job than seeing their lives given hope right before our eyes. We are continually amazed by God’s mercy and grace and how He uses these students to spread the gospel to all corners of the earth. Our enrollment continues to hover around 90, as we really have no more room to grow. We have utilized every square inch of space we can. My office is used for 5 different sessions each week; many days I am without a place to work. This is my first year as principal in the sense that it is my fulltime job. I had the title the previous two years, but I was teaching so many classes that I had little time to actually be principal. We have been blessed with an incredible staff and look to be fully staffed for next year. I don’t think we have ever been able to say that in May. Our normal summer months are spent scrambling around trying to fill last minute positions. We are still seeking a building, Czech ministry recognition and ACSI accreditation. All three of those processes are occurring at the same time.

• Prayer requests –
-Pray that we will see favor with the Czech ministry of education, so the Czech students can legally attend our school and impact the Czech Republic.
_Pray for our committees as they continue to complete the 3 year-long project of collecting information and making changes to meet ACSI accreditation standards. ACSI will be traveling to Prague in the spring of 2013 for an accreditation visit.
-Continue to pray for a building that will allow CISP to impact Prague for the gospel and be a radiating center of truth and hope.
-Pray for the staff and administration team as I depart for the upcoming school year. My jobs will be shouldered by the experienced staff at CISP for the upcoming year.

Band of Brothers

    While the group has changed over the years, BoB, Band of Brothers, has faithfully met on Saturday mornings at the Starbuck’s on Wenceslas Square (the heart of the city) for 4 years. We have seen everything from ridicule to having groups that are traveling through Prague join us on Saturday mornings. We have encouraged, loved, confronted and challenged each other in ways we never imagined. We have become a group of men, although not a large group, who truly want to see Jesus glorified in our lives, in our family and in our adopted city of Prague. We come from various professions, ages, countries and walks of life, but we share a passion to not be men of passivity.

    • Prayer requests -
    -Please pray that we remain committed and strong in the faith and to one another.
    -Please pray for our brother Sydney who is having marital problems.
    -Please continue to pray for us all as the enemy is clever in his attacks and wants nothing more than to see us become a social club.

    Upward Sports – Czech Republic

We have just completed our 3rd Upward Sports Basketball league and preparations are underway for our 3rd Upward Sports Basketball Camp to be held 25-29 June.

• Prayer Requests –
-Please pray for FBC-Prosper as they bring a team over to run our 2012 Upward Sports basketball camp.
-Pray for the facility to hold the camp. Our primary facility is under renovation and it looks like it will not be ready in time. Pray we can find a location for the camp very soon.
-Pray for the kids who will come to the camp. Pray for those who don’t know Jesus to meet him in a real and life-changing way. Pray for those that do know him to strengthen their faith and their boldness in Him.
-Pray for Bill Gregory who will be running the 2012 Upward Sports basketball league while we are in the states.

We would relish the opportunity to connect with you while we are in the states. If you would like for us to come speak to one of your groups or if you would just like to meet and discuss missions, missions in central Europe or you want to talk about what Jesus means to me, please email me at chumbley@worldventure.net.
If you would like to help sponsor the Upward Sports Basketball Camp this summer by offsetting some of the expenses or sponsoring a $40.00 scholarship to help someone attend the camp, follow this link and make a tax deductible donation to WorldVenture and the funds will be directly used for the upcoming camp.
If you would like to support our family and mission in the Czech Republic, we would love to have you as a financial partner for the future or a one-time donor to the work in Czech Republic. Please follow this link to become a financial partner or one-time donor.
Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support for our family. We look forward to seeing many of you this coming fall and into the New Year.
Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom also we have access by faith into His grace in which we stand and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.”
~Romans 5:1

Terry, Robin, Camden, Jared, Easton, Payton, Marek and Landry Chumbley
Prague, Czech Republic
May 2012

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