What in the World?

We are often asked why we serve in Europe. I grew up hearing of missionaries in Africa and China since they were the lands of the un-reached and yes they need to hear the Gospel just as anyone else needs to. I seldom if ever heard of anyone serving in Europe. After all Europe was the home of Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, the Vatican, several esteemed universities of Christian heritage and the birthplace of some of the great leaders and missionaries in Christian history. Surely they don’t need missionaries today. If you have spent any time in Europe recently you know the times have changed. The birthplace of the Reformation and the bedrock of Christian heritage has been on a ‘slippery slope’ for some time. Europe has traveled down that slope to a point of compromise, which lead to a time of unbelief which has now lead to a time of outright opposition to anything associated with Christ. (This might sound all to eerily familiar) The majority of churches in Europe are anything but places of worship and the people are left seeking answers in a quagmire of deceit, selfishness and corruption. There are many examples of the people, in our case the Czech people. seeking hope in places that only lead to despair. Click on the link below to read the latest example in the Prague paper. It would be hilarious if it weren’t true.

Pastafarian Pastor

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