Serving in 2010 and looking forward to new opportunities:

Upward Sports Basketball Logo

Upward Sports Basketball Logo

What an incredible and fast 2009! We have been blessed to be a part of the exciting growth of CISP and look forward to more challenges and changes in 2010. We are fortunate to work with the greatest students and staff in the world. We also look forward to new ventures in 2010 and want to let you know how you can be a part of the ministries in central Europe, particularly in Prague.
• We are in the process of committing to another two year term to serve at CISP. We honestly can’t see ourselves doing anything else and we thoroughly enjoy the call to serve in the Czech Republic. While it does have its challenges we are privileged to be here. With that being said, we will be returning to the states in July to secure prayer and financial support for another two year term. We are currently running at a fairly significant deficit for our personal monthly and ministry funds and encourage you to prayerfully consider joining our prayer/financial partners in the ministry in the Czech Republic. There is a link on the left column labeled “Support the Chumbley Family though WorldVenture” that link will take you to a donation page at our sending agency’s website. Click on the down arrow at Give to Missionaries and drag down to our names, Terry and Robin Chumbley , you can make a tax-deductible one-time donation or a monthly commitment to support our family in Prague.
• As I stated earlier, we will be returning to the states in the summer of 2010 to raise support for another two year term in the Czech Republic. We are also in need of funds to purchase tickets to return to the states. Those funds were raised prior to our initial departure to Prague, but were used up (and then some) when we returned to the states for Payton’s cancer treatment and then all other funds were used to purchase tickets to return to Prague in 2008. Please pray that we will be able to raise the necessary support soon to purchase those tickets early in 2010, so that we can make housing and transportation arrangements while in the states. If you wish to help in the purchase of tickets, you can donate funds using the same method as described above.
• We are also very excited about the upcoming Upward Sports basketball league ( that begins in January. This is an incredible opportunity to share the gospel with the children in Prague. Our league will begin in late January and run until mid-March. We have lots still to do and need as much prayer support as possible. We are also still in need of several tangible items. If your league or church would be interested in helping with these items we would be greatly appreciative:
 It will cost each participant about $40-45 to play basketball this year and many of our MKs and Czech kids will have difficulty affording this. We need several people/groups to sponsor an athlete or several athletes if possible.
 Colored wristbands to match-up players during the game
 Extra coach’s manuals
 Flipchart score boards
 Referee shirts
 Extra coaching shirts
 Extra whistles
 We still need around $600.00 for one more portable, adjustable basketball goal.
 Last, but certainly not least, many committed warriors to form a prayer committee to pray for the kids and adults who will participate in the first ever Upward Basketball League of the Czech Republic.

Please feel free to contact me if you can help us out with any of the above items or financing for them and I will be HAPPY to talk to you.
Phone: 1-817-506-0374 (7 hours ahead of central time)
Skype: chumbley
You may also make a financial donation through WorldVenture, as we have a special tax -deductible account setup for Upward Sports-Czech Republic. Just select our names again in the missionaries’ portion of the form and drag down to Czech Republic-Upward in the Give to Projects section and follow the directions all the way through.

• We will also be hosting our second summer of Upward basketball camps from June 21-25 and have several groups flying over to help with the camps. Yes, I said camps. Thanks to the generosity and prayers of many, we will need to host two separate camps this summer as we have already outgrown our normal camp location. Consider coming and being a part of the basketball camp and see what it’s like serving and sharing the gospel in one of the most beautiful and atheistic cities in the world.

We are truly excited about what the Lord has in store for CISP, Upward Sports Ministry, the Chumbley Family and the people of Prague for the coming year. We thank you for your prayers, financial support and encouragement in 2009 and look forward to working with you in 2010.

Blessings – from the Chumbley clan

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