Let the sun shine in……………………

I never realized how much I truly enjoy the sunshine and the sight of green grass. The temperatures have finally climbed above freezing, most of the snow has melted, the sidewalks are being cleaned and Landry wanted me to turn off the light in her room at nap time. Little did she know the light was off, that bright thing that she was unfamiliar with was the sun. Oh how we look forward to spring and not having to find 6 pair of winter gloves every trip out of the house.
Life is still fast and furious and we are trying to juggle (probably way too much) many things at once, so let me get to the prayer requests and praises:

• Payton was scheduled for his two year scans in late February but came down with a virus (which we have shared as a family) and was not able to have them done. They have been rescheduled for March 22nd and would appreciate many prayers as that date approaches. We pray for clear scans and calm spirits as we get near the day. We just recently learned that a young man named Spencer, who also has Ewing’s Sarcoma, has relapsed and will have radical surgery soon to remove his right eye and a large margin area around it. Please remember the Shores family as they have dealt with very difficult circumstances and now have a new battle in the war.
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• Our inaugural Upward Sports Basketball league is halfway through the season and we have had a great time and hope to use it as a springboard to have several leagues in the future. We have 40 kids participating (most of them are children of missionaries) and have learned a lot about running a league in a foreign country. There have been many hurdles to jump (and repairs to pay, as one of our portable goals fell over and scratched the brand new gym floor severely) and constant small fires to extinguish, but it has been a total success to this point. Each of these kids is hearing and seeing the gospel presented at each practice and game. We have a great group of volunteers and are always looking for prayer partners and financial partners for Upward Sports – Czech Republic. (Any financial support for Upward Sports can be sent through WorldVenture via the link on the left column.)
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• The Christian International School of Prague is enjoying its 5th season of existence and continues to meet an ever-growing need of quality, Christian, English speaking education. We are growing and in desperate need of our own building. We currently share a building with a Czech elementary school, but have maxed out the space they will allow us to use. We even have 2 classrooms in the basement, where prior to this year, furniture was stored from the Communist era. We have placed a bid on a building that would ideally meet the needs for CISP, it would also meet the needs of Upward Sports – Czech Republic as it has two gyms that could be utilized when we need it, not around someone else’s schedule. CISP has dedicated today (Feb. 25) to pray for the building needs and specifically that our bid on the new building would find favor with the city magistrate. We are also directing our prayers to those who are in the process of raising support to join the staff at CISP. Please join us as we pray for adequate space and staff to continue to spread the gospel in Prague and ultimately the world.
• Robin and the kids will be flying back to the states on May 13th (I will stay until June 30th after school and our summer Upward Sports Basketball camp(s) are over) as we begin a two month stay in Texas to begin prayer and support raising for another two-year commitment to serve at the Christian International School of Prague. (If you wish to be part of our financial supporters, click on the link to the left labeled Support the Chumbley Family.) We would cherish the opportunity to speak to your church, Sunday school class, small group, evening service, bible study, AWANA, RAs, GAs, etc., about what the Lord is doing in Central Europe. No group is too small or too far away (see next prayer request about that) for us to speak to. We are basically available from early July to early September and would love to visit you during our tour. Please email me at chumbley@worldventure.net.
• We are also in need of transportation while in the states. There are 8 of us so our needs are fairly specific, but if you have an extra 12 passenger van in the yard with weeds growing around it or know someone who does – we would really appreciate any help with this need.

As always, thanks for your prayers, support and keeping up with the Chumbley family. We miss you all and look forward to seeing this coming summer!

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