Fount of Many Blessings………….

I should have titled this post as “The Fast and the Furious,” not in tribute to that fine actor Vin Diesel, but in regard to how our last 2-3 months have been. I hope to give you a short summary of those months and share our specific prayer requests as well. So here goes………………..

• Payton’s last set of tests still show him to be cancer free. That is great news for us as it has now been two years since his last round of chemo. We realize that there still may be a long road ahead as the long-term side effects of chemo are still uncertain. The physicians here in Prague had some concern about the smallish size of his heart and the level of protein in his urine samples, but they see no signs of cancer and we lift many praises for that good news.
• As most of you know, we (CISP) have outgrown our existing space in the Czech elementary school that we share. We have been in search for our own building for a couple of years and those prayers seem to have been answered. We are in negotiations to rent a building that was the Czech equivalent of high school. It was built in the 1960s and is a lovely shade of Communist green (imagine the 1970s avocado colored refrigerators covered in soot and graffiti). It meets all the criteria we desired for the growth and ministry of the Christian International School of Prague. We are thankful for this provision and ask that you continue to pray for smooth negotiations so that we will be able to begin moving in June.
• I have also been asked and have accepted the position as principal at CISP for the coming school year. I will continue to teach some computer, personal finance and leadership classes, but we have a new history teacher coming next year which will free me up for administrative duties. Please continue to pray for the growing list of teachers raising support to join the staff at CISP.
• We had a great inaugural Upward Sports Basketball League this year and look forward to our second Upward Sports Basketball Camp this June. There is a group coming from Paramount Baptist Church in Amarillo to run the camp this year. They are bringing around 10 in there group and have room for more. If you have any interest in joining them and working the camp in Prague from June 21-25, please contact me at Please pray for safe travel for the group and that their time in Prague will impact many for the Kingdom.
• Continue to pray for our men’s group, Band of Brothers, which meets on Saturday mornings. Please pray specifically for a young man from Nigeria who has left his family back in Nigeria while he pursues his education Prague. It has been and will be very difficult for him to be separated from his wife and two children for an extended period of time. Our group continues to grow and develop a bond of accountability and support that we sought when we started the group.
• On the subject of separation, Robin and the kids are safe in Cleburne, Texas while I type this update sitting alone at a dining table for 8. They have only been gone for two days, but I miss them an unbelievable amount! I fly to the States after our basketball camp and I look forward to the noise and rowdiness once again. I fly in On June 30th and would love to put your church, small group, Sunday school class, etc. on our calendar. We are seeking opportunities to share the vision of the ministry in Prague with any group who would like to see how the Lord is working in Central Europe and what life is like living in a former communist country. Please let me know if you would like us to come speak to your church or group at
• Please pray for our visas again. It is time again to get permission from the Czech Republic for this American family to live here for another year. It is quite an ordeal to get that permission. Lots of paperwork, lots of lines and lots of money.
• Please pray for our support for the coming years as well. We have committed to another two year term and continue to pursue a career commitment to serve wherever the Lord wants us. We will be in the States this summer to raise prayer and financial support for our family and the ministry we have been blessed to be a part of in Prague.

Thanks again for loving on our family and supporting us in many ways. We are truly blessed.

One thought on “Fount of Many Blessings………….

  1. I am praying for you guys at this moment for Payton’s scans and that all will be clear, and may the insurance take care of your needs. Praise the Lord for the upcoming baptisms and the decisions that have been made! What a blessing!!! Our Peyton’s scans have all been clear and we are now coming up on 4 years since his diagnosis…can’t believe that much time has passed! Take care.
    Cindy South

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