Summer in the States

2010 Upward Sports Basketball Camp - Prague

Our family is back together again for the summer in Texas. We will be here raising prayer and financial support until September 6th. We have most Sundays booked, speaking at area churches and small groups about our ministry in the Czech Republic. We still have many weekdays and evenings available to speak to other small groups or bible studies. If you would like for us to speak to your group, please contact us at


• Our second annual Upward Sports basketball camp was a great success. The group from Paramount Baptist Church in Amarillo ran the camp and did a great job. We had about 25 kids at camp and look forward to our upcoming basketball league this winter and expanding our camps next summer.
• Easton and Payton will both be baptized this Sunday (July 11th) and we celebrate with them in this decision to follow our Creator.
• We have several teachers who are also raising financial support to serve at CISP for the next few years and several of them have reached their target amount and will be joining us this fall.
• CISP continues to grow and provide a quality Christian education in a country that desperately needs to hear the gospel.

Prayer Requests:

    • I (Terry) will be starting a new position at CISP next year – principal. This is not only a new position for me, but a new position created at CISP. The director at CISP has been wearing both hats, but will now be the director and I will take on some of the tasks as principal. Please pray for a smooth transition and clarity of purpose.
    • We will continue to host student teachers in our home this year. We have several college students who do their student teaching duties at CISP and we have had the privilege of housing some of them in the past. This year we will have two (one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester) who will live with us while working on their teaching abilities. Please pray for Robin as she mentors these young girls and encourage them during this stressful time.
    • The new building contract we had secured for CISP to move in to has fallen through. There are many reasons, but the end result is that we will stay in the building we currently share with a Czech elementary school. We are thankful that we still have the use of the building, but this does limit our ability to grow and we will ultimately have to turn families away from enrollment due to class size limits. Please pray for a building for CISP use in the future.
    • Payton has his 4 month tests this week (July 8th). Please pray for clear tests and that our insurance will pay for these tests.
    • Please pray that we raise the necessary support to return to Prague on our scheduled date of September 6th.
    • Please pray that our visas will be processed and ready when we return to the Czech Republic.
    • Please pray for those who are raising support to join us at CISP for the coming school term. We have many that are close to reaching their goal, but need a late push to get there by the beginning of school.

    Thanks for your continued supports and prayers.

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