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Several have asked what our specific needs are and what they can do while we are in the states to help. So, to be more specific I have listed our needs for the next couple of years in priority order and then some ways (by no means a comprehensive list) that you can help us reach those goals:

1. We are currently around $1,500.00 below our needed monthly budget. These funds cover food, public transportation/fuel costs, insurance, utilities, household supplies and ministry costs.

2. We have survived the last three years in Prague without a family vehicle. It would greatly benefit our family and ministry if we were able to purchase a $12,000 to $15,000 nine passenger van. It would save countless hours of shopping for 8, trips to church and be useful for transport ministry teams that come to Prague to help at the school, with Upward Sports, etc.

3. Upward Sports – Czech Republic, is also in need of churches or other Upward Sports programs to adopt a player/team for the upcoming basketball season and camp. We are planning to expand our league in the coming year, but have limitations due to facilities and shipping costs. The Upward Sports ministry has been greatly received in Prague and we see a definite need to grow the ministry. Our biggest barrier is a facility. The school building we currently share does not have adequate facilities to host a league or camp so we must rent a facility to use at a general rate of $50 to $75 per hour. That increases our expenses around $2,000.00 for the league and $500.00 for the camp. We also have additional shipping expenses to have Upward supplies sent to the Czech Republic.

• You can help by being a financial partner with our family. We need $25, $50 and $100 a month partners to help us fill our monthly budget shortfall. You can be a part of this ministry by following the link to our sending agency, WorldVenture, (all donations to WorldVenture are tax deductible): Support the Chumbley Family
• You may also send any funds to provide a vehicle through the same site, just denote VEHICLE in the memo portion at the bottom of the donate page.
• We are in the states for two months and most of our Sundays are booked speaking at churches throughout Texas, but we have most weekdays and Saturdays free. If you have a small group, bible study, or other group that gets together regularly, we would love the opportunity to share with them about the Czech Republic – its history, people, current events and how the gospel is desperately needed.
• Another tool that you could use to help us present the needs of the people in the Czech Republic and the needs of our family is by hosting a meal, dessert, coffee, etc and invite some friends over and allow us the opportunity to share with them about life and ministry in central Europe. We would relish this opportunity to make personal contacts.
• As stated earlier, we need churches and other Upward Sports leagues to adopt our league and offset some of the costs associated with Upward Sports. The biggest hindrance to having more young people involved in Upward Sports ministries is the cost. You can make any donations to Upward Sports – Czech Republic by following this link: Support Upward Sports – Czech Republic

Thanks again for all your prayer and financial support. We hope to see each of you this summer!

Please feel free to contact us at or 817-357-2525

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