Winter Update

Praises –

    We have started our second year of Upward Sports – Czech Republic basketball. We had 38 participants last year, mostly from missionary families and other believers, but this year we had 70 kids show up to play! We were literally overwhelmed. We were short on equipment, coaches, space, etc. We got most of the issues resolved and have completed 6 of our 8 weeks and have seen the gospel presented to kids who have never had the opportunity before. It has been a difficult season, but one filled with blessings we never expected. Thanks for your continued prayers on behalf of the kids involved in Upward Sports – Czech Republic. We also have a new Facebook page: Upward Sports – Czech Republic, if you want to keep up with our league and see some current pictures of the kids.

    Payton had his 4-month scans in January and we continue to give great thanks that he has been cancer free for 3 years now!

    We have lots of new staff and teachers at CISP this year and for the first time we are close to being fully staffed.

    We also have hired a new IT (computer teacher) for next year which will free me up to devote more time to administrative duties at the school.

    Band of Brothers, our Saturday morning mens’ group, continues to grow in number and commitment. It has truly been a blessing to me.

    Camden, 13, is our only full-time student at CISP and is adapting well to the new environment. He loves his Bible class, is learning to play the bass guitar and is actively involved in Youth Praha (youth group). Jared, 11, is still a homeschool student and loves to play the guitar, build things and dream of new ways to make things better. Easton, 9, is also a homeschool student, plays the violin, and loves sports and collecting Lego figures. Payton, 7, is also homeschooled and loves to be very creative and build things will Legos all day long. Marek, 5, will soon be starting homeschool. He loves to draw, paint and play with Play-doh, but hates to wear pants. Landry, 3, runs the house and is constantly hiding everything she can find so that we can no longer find it. She loves to sing and dance and she can definitely hold her own with her 5 brothers. Our house is seldom quiet and that is just the way we like it.

    Prayer Requests –

We are still looking for a church group or other Upward group that would be willing to come to Prague in late June and run an Upward Sports Basketball camp. We need around 8-12 people to travel to Prague during the week of June 20th to run the camp. The cost is roughly $2,000.00 per person and that should include everything. Please contact me if you would like to be a part of the camp or if your group would like to come run the camp during that week.

We are still seeking churches that are willing to partner with our league and help offset some of the cost of gym rental and the expense of having equipment shipped to us from the states. Please contact me if you wish to become a partner with Upward Sports – Czech Republic.

We (CISP) are still in desperate need of our own building. We should hear some news this month about our future in the building we are in. Please pray for provision for our school and its need for a building to grow in.

As stated before, the Upward Sports league is growing at a rapid rate. It would be a great help to have an Upward intern come and help for a year or two. Please pray that the right person would be found and raise the support needed to move to Prague for a year or two to help develop the league and help start a national program for the Czech churches to manage.

Pray for protection for our family. It is a very busy season and there is much to do. Please pray that we, me in particular, will manage time and not ignore the need for our family to spend time together.

We are also still shopping for an adequate van for our family and ministries to use. Pray that a reliable van will be found soon.

We have several openings for teachers at CISP next year and a definite need for teachers willing to work in the special education department. Please contact me for more information.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

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