Bring on the Summer……………

Velka Praise!

After 4 years of exceptional service, old Nellie (as she became affectionately known) has had to be put to pasture. Nellie carried the majority of the groceries for our family over that time through snow, sleet, rain and dog poo. She never complained even though she was held together by duct tape, string and glue.

As God’s timing is always perfect, the day after Nellie was retired we were finally able to purchase a van for our family and ministries. It is still quite difficult to believe that we have lived in this city this long with only the use of public transportation. We are extremely grateful for those who made purchasing this van possible (as a new VW van can cost in excess of $50,000). We are now the proud owners of a 2007 Opel Vivaro 9-passenger van.

We purchased ‘velka bila’ (big white) from another American family with 6 children who have recently been called back to the states by their employer. Velka bila has a huge scratch down the passenger side, a missing plastic panel on the passenger door, rubber floors and a few extra crumbs compliments of the previous owners. A perfect vehicle for our family. Shopping is now a once a week chore instead of daily one and we are looking forward to a family vacation that we can travel to in our van together. A big (velka) praise for the van. It is a definite answer to prayer.

Red, White and Blue

    My older sister is in town visiting us for a couple of weeks and one of her desires was to see the US Womens’ Soccer team play in the World Cup in Germany. We were able to get two tickets to see the US play North Korea in Dresden (a couple of hours away). Now I am in no way a major soccer fan and know very little if anything about the US womens’ team, but I was looking forward to the trip and spending time with Dana. I was completely taken back by what happened at the game. No, not the fact that the US won (as well they should have), but I was totally taken back by the affect singing the national anthem had on me.

    Sad to say, I can’t remember the last time I sang the national anthem and saw Old Glory on public display at such an event (the last time was probably a Texas Ranger game sometime last year). A wave of patriotism and pride seemed to unexpectedly overtake me. I am proud of my heritage, but singing that song on foreign soil amongst a crowd of people who may never know such freedoms as we possess was such a sudden rush of intense appreciation and inspiration. It is so hard to adequately describe. Of course, much of my nationalistic pride lessened once the American import, the Wave started.

    Prayer Requests

      CISP – We are having a hectic and busy summer after graduating our largest senior class, 10. We are still in desperate need of our own building. We just agreed to rent another flat for high school classrooms next year. Currently, our elementary classes meet in the Perunova Czech building, our middle school meets in that building as well. The challenge is our high school and business office. Our high school now meets in two separate flats in the same apartment complex three blocks from the main campus and they come to the main building for art, science, PE and computer classes. Our business office is in a separate building a couple of blocks from our main campus. Our administrative team has taken over half of the skolka flat (a skolka is a janitor/maintenance man that lives in the school) to use as offices. Needless to say, the arrangement is less than ideal. We would appreciate all prayers on behalf of this need.
      Upward Sports – We are in the planning process of our 3rd basketball season and need coaches, refs and supplies. We are also beginning to coordinate our basketball camp(s) for next summer and we are always looking for church groups or individuals who would like to come over and help out. It is a great blessing to our kids and we are always proud to show off our beautiful city.
      Band of Brothers – Our Saturday morning mens group continues to grow both in number and commitment. We have a great group of men who are dedicated to making an impact on our families, communities and world. Pray that we will stay strong and make a bold statement for the gospel in this culture.
      Chumbley Family – We are going to enjoy a short vacation in Austria this August. This will give us a chance to visit friends in Graz, Austria and do a little historical discovery as well. We are excited about taking this time together as a family.
      It has been a very busy school year and we pray that all of our staff will be granted visas and be here on time as this will alleviate a lot of stress and strain on our staff and their families. Our family included. It is our desire to spend more time together as a family this coming school year and we ask that you join us in this prayer.
      Thanks for your continued love and support. We thank God for you daily.
      The Chumbleys

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